30 reasons it’s obvious I’m turning 30

1. I actually use the shower squeegie.

Because only one thing in the shower should be streaking, people.

2. I get excited about about low interest rates.

Did you say three point six? Ugh, lucky.

3. I think ABC Family is anything but family oriented.

Ahem. Excuse me, “Freeform.”

4. I side with the parents in shows now instead of the kids.

“Little miss sassy! If she pulls that again she better get grounded.“

5. I pay attention to miles per tank.


6. I actually know how to do my hair now.

It only took 30 years. Better late than never.

7. I’m legit stoked when I get candles and gift cards as presents.

Remember when those were the worst gifts ever at 15?

8. I’m into Essential Oils and Probiotics.

The natural life. Inside and out.

9. I used the phrase “kids these days” last week.

And their devil music!

10. I watch all the Republican and Democratic debates during Presidential election years, no matter how horrible they are.

Everyone, please turn with me to “Two Corinthians.”

11. I no longer attend concerts where assigned seats are not available.

Yes, 20 year old girl screaming into your phone, I really want to hear the fight you’re having with your boyfriend while you spill your drink all over me.

12. I notice when people put their shoes on my couch.

I know, I shouldn’t care. But I do.

13. I can’t roll 12 deep in a one-star hotel room anymore.

Road trips require a little more class in the Gorman household these days.

14. I really want to offer free counseling sessions to Top 40 radio artists.

Bieber, she means that she’s torn and unsure about you. Daya, the good boys clearly don’t hideaway at the bar you’re going to. #yourewelcome

15. I know the difference in multiple kinds of cheeses.

Apparently when you set them out with a fancy knife, grapes, and “artisan” crackers, people put you in the adult category. Here’s to you, brie!

16. Debt-free + sticking to the monthly budget = the new sexy.

Cole and I may or may not have end-of-the-month dance parties when we abide by the budget.

17. I’m tired at sundown.

Did you say it’s ten thirty? Tomorrow’s going to kill me.


Enough said.

19. All I want for Christmas is cleaning and cooking gadgets.

Kitchen Aid spiralizer, please Santa?!

20. I secretly celebrate when a friend cancels and I get to stay in for the night.

It’s like an extra Sunday afternoon, but at night. In the middle of the week. 

21. I go to events with tiny-version food.

Is that a mini-quiche with mini-muffins on the side?! Adorable. Oh oh-–Cole! Check out the bite-size grilled cheeses!

22. I’ll never be “forever twenty one,” and I’m wildly okay with that.

Hello Nordstrom Rack!

23. Good coffee is non-negotiable.

That’s partly Durham’s fault, though.

24. I’m happy with my body type.

This one took a while.

25. I aggressively turn off lights in my house when they aren’t being used.

When did I become my father?

26. I am acutely aware of house stuff.

Oh my goodness, look at that backsplash. Are those hardwoods maple? Energy efficient windows, too?! 

27. I joined a fitness thing.

Some people like the YMCA classes. Others are into Purebarre. We somehow ended up joining Crossfit. Help me Jesus.

28. I take care of my skin.

With real-life adult beauty products. As in better than Target teen products, people. I’m talking SPF overload, night cream, face oils, the whole nine. 

29. I’m okay with unbalanced and unexpected.

Life happens out of whack and the storms don’t ask for your permission when they roll in. Enter the Spirit.

30. “Fine line” has completely changed definitions to me.

Then: “a morally compromising boundary line.” Now: Put some essential oil on that STAT.

BONUS: 31. I’m finally comfortable in my spiritual skin.

It takes a while to get comfortable in your own personality and body image. But it also takes time to get comfortable in how you walk with God. I’m finally in a groove with the Lord, in the same way relationships find their rhythm. I understand how he convicts me; I know what to expect when he disciplines me; I can sense when he’s saying yes and when he’s saying no and when he’s saying wait. I am expectant of his delightful interruptions during my day. I like how he’s wired me instead of trying to change it or hide it all the time. I can tell when he’s calling me to go hard and when he’s telling me to pull back. Conversations with him don’t feel awkward anymore, though I’m still learning how to have them. We’ve found a healthy, albeit messy, rhythm in our relationship and it’s pretty wonderful.

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